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Whether you're seeking the confidence-boost of fuller hair or looking to add several inches of length, Lizzy offers the safest and most natural looking extensions available.


Before I tell you about these life-changing extensions, let's talk about who hair extensions are really for...

Whether you are...

  • The woman whose hair has thinned over the years and looking to add volume and fullness back to her hair

  • The woman whose hair doesn't grow past a certain length or has experienced breakage and looking to add some length and volume

  • The woman who is ready for a total transformation and wants hair that tucks into her pants #mermaidlife


You're in the right place and i'm going to show you exactly how we can customize hair extensions to give you the ultimate shift in your self-confidence.


As a first time guest, you'll receive a little extra time in my chair to ensure we have a thorough consultation, a chance to review aftercare, and a custom blend so no one ever knows you're wearing extensions.

All appointments include the hair installation, a blended cut, style, and an extension aftercare kit to ensure you have everything you need to protect your investment. 

Lunch will be included (on me) if your appointment lasts longer than five hours. I've got plenty of hot and cold beverages and snacks available, too!

Ready to experience hair extensions for yourself? Click the link below to fill out my pre-consultation form so I can create a customized quote based on your specific hair goals. I cannot wait to see you in my chair!

  • How many methods do you offer, and which are they?
    I offer four different extension methods: I-tip, K-tip, Tape-in, and Beaded & sewn (more commonly known as hand-tied). Each method has its own unique perks and they can be mixed and matched to give you the best, more comfortable hair extensions you've ever had.
  • How often do hair extensions need to be maintained?
    I recommend having your extensions moved up every 6-8 weeks (except K-tip, which last 3-5 months) to protect the integrity of your scalp.
  • How much do hair extensions cost?
    I am committed to making sure that you are a great candidate for the extension experience. Every guest's starting and ending point is different, and I want to design a quote that is custom to your specific goals. Please take a few minutes to complete my extensions consultation form and I'll provide you with a customized quote.
  • Do you use human hair?
    Yes, I use 100% Remy human hair for every install.
  • How long does my hair have to be?
    It really depends on your goals and the method we choose, but for most guests your shortest layer should be at least chin length.
  • Will it take longer to style my hair?
    Let's be honest here. In most cases, you're likely doubling or tripling the amount of hair on your head. I can't deny that it would take longer to dry that, BUT your extensions will hold their style FOR DAYS. Most extension clients are able to reduce the amount of times they wash and style their hair per week. Your morning routine will be a breeze when you only have to touch up a few pieces of hair.
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